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Welcome to our web site...

We aim to support and encourage those in Tamil Nadu, India who work to relieve poverty, tend to the sick, feed the poor, house the needy and show love and compassion.

Fundraising focus - vUK2India

6133 miles - 2 people - 6 months - Over £2000 raised

One of our trustees & our treasurer, Melanie & Neil Parrish, covered the distance from their home to Smyrna under their own steam - walk, bike, run, row, swim - raising enough to fund our feeding the poor meal for a year

What does vUK2India mean? - v for virtual as the distance is being covered here, UK the starting point, 2 for to & India the destination

More information, all the progress milestones and how you can still sponsor them on the vUK2India page

Current highlights

   101 sponsored children

   weekly feeding of 60 poor people

   over 300 houses & buildings built

   next trip to India being planned

Site News

Our address has changed from October 2016 onwards.

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Thank You

Work in India can only continue through generous support by you.

See the projects page for more information on all our activities.

Thank You

We hope you like our site. Please let us know what we can do to improve it.

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